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#DearPluto [Entries Closed]

Janet here, officially inviting YOU to write or record your very own letter to Pluto. (Hey, I might even feature your letter, so get to writing!)

What would YOU like to ask Pluto?

What would you ask Pluto if you had the opportunity? Maybe how cold it is out in the Kuiper Belt? Whether it’s lonely out there?

Whatever you have to say, we encourage you to let the world know by submitting your written letter with drawing or video letter to Janet and the JP Space Crew!

In honor of NASA’s New Horizons Mission to Pluto , Janet’s Planet is inviting you (and everyone you know) to share your hopes, your ideas, your thoughts, your beliefs and planetary wisdom in a written or video letter to Pluto, that beloved little planet that is 4 billion miles away from our Sun! It all starts with just two little words: #DearPluto! We can’t wait to see what you have to say.

Video Letters

Entering your letter is FUN and super easy! Record or write your letter using the instructions below… Lights. Camera. ACTION!

Anyone can submit a #DearPluto video letter!

  • RECORD your 1-3 min video. For your safety, only use your first name or a nickname.

  • UPLOAD your video to Youtube, Vimeo, or Instagram and be sure to tag the title of your video with #DearPluto.

  • SHARE your video on any social media platform with the hashtag, #DearPluto! And you’ve joined the conversation!

  • SUBMIT your videos to Janet’s Planet by sending the video URL to to be considered for a highlight spot in an upcoming episode of Janet’s Planet! All ages welcome to join the fun!

PARENTS; if your child would like their video to be considered for a segment on an upcoming episode of Janet’s Planet, you will need to send the link of their video to for consideration. If selected the JP Space Crew will get in contact with you directly with release information!

Handwritten Letters with Drawings

Picasso’s Pluto

To submit handwritten #DEARPLUTO letter along with your artistic masterpiece, simply:

DOWNLOAD the template

WRITE your letter and draw your picture

SCAN your letter (you might need your parents for this step) and email it to Make sure it’s hi-res!

Or, you can send your letter through the mail to: Janet’s Planet, Inc., 242 W Main Street, #214, Hendersonville, TN 37075

That’s all you have to do!

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