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JP Space Crew

 Welcome students of science!

I want to first thank you for your interest in science and space and Janet’s Planet.  

 Do you ever ponder the AWESOME WONDER that is your head that sits atop your shoulders, that houses your brain, that is the vessel for all your thoughts, feelings and inventions? I am her to remind you that you are indeed 100% Star Stuff! From the iron in your blood, to the calcium in your teeth, to the carbon in your DNA, these are all the very same elements that are in the stars. Pretty awesome right! YOU ARE A STAR! Now think about the probability of you being you, exactly as you are, with your own unique and un-duplicable biological signature is somewhere around 1 in 400 QUADRILLION…now that is something to celebrate, don’t you think? You are, I am, we all are, thermodynamic miracles.

With your head still swimming with all manner of thoughts about how amazing AWESOME you are, you are hereby appointed as a member in good standing of the JP Space Crew!   

Here on Janet’s Planet, my JP Space Crew and I travel at the speed of thought, decoding the science of everyday life on Earth and in Space. We want to encourage you to think critically, ask questions, get cosmically curious and become a live-long lover of science. Janet’s Planet wants you to use the scientific method to better solve life’s problems by following JP’s 6 E’s!   
JP’s 6 E’s! Janet’s Planet encourages you to use the scientific method to better solve problems by following the 6 E’s!   

  • ENCOUNTER (ask a question) 

  • EXPLORE (form a hypothesis) 

  • EXPERIMENT (test theory by using an experiment)   

  • EVALUATE (form a conclusion)  

  • EXPERIENCE (real life application of findings)   

  • EXPRESS (use it! and share using the #jpspacecrew)   


Join us, as Janet takes you and her entire Space Crew on a galactic adventure to better understand the science of the ordinary and extraordinary. We’re so glad you’re here! Feel free to reach out and ask questions and connect!  
And always remember Carl Sagan said, “We are the stuff of stars.” Yep.  You are 100% Star Stuff  and have brilliant science ideas that need to be explored! Share your ideas   and you might just be our SUPER SCIENTIST OF THE DAY!  
Let your mind revolve around this thought: The universe is always expanding, let your mind do the same and that’s the view from Janet’s Planet.  


Orbit Well My Space Peeps! Keep being Cosmically Awesome!  
Galactic Sized Love,  


Dear Members of the JP Space Crew:   

Thank you for being curious about how to DO GOOD!  

Why do you think that doing GOOD is important? What was that? I think I can almost hear you through this computer!  
YES, doing GOOD is important because it makes the whole world around us be a better place. When I encourage you to DO GOOD, and you put your GOOD into action by helping Miss Peggie put up her Christmas tree, shoveling the walk for Mr. Phelps, raking the leaves for Mrs. Sue, doing something the grown-up in your life wants you to do, OR when you create something that makes life easier for yourself, your family and others, the GOOD that you do, increases the GOOD that exists in the world. It’s like multiplying GOOD to INFINITY!  


There is GOOD in each and every one of you and I recognize it! That’s why the members of the JP SPACE CREW take the following pledge seriously:  

I (insert your name,) as a vital member of the JP Space Crew, do hereby pledge to DO GOOD! I pledge to do all the good I can, by all the means I can, in all the ways I can, in all the places I can, at all the times I can, to all the people I can, as long as ever I can. This is my galactic pledge.  

Please print this page and fill out your name and color it. Hang it on your mirror or somewhere you look each day to remind you to #DoGood!  

If you said that pledge and intend to DO GOOD! Welcome aboard! Janet’s Planet intends to take you on many out of this world adventures and our mission will always be to DO GOOD, wherever we go and explore in the universe!   

Cosmic Peace,   

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