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Photo of two kids making a rocket model

Astronaut academy inspires a love of air travel and space exploration

A picture of Pluto beside a satellite

'Dear Pluto': Campaign Asks Kids to Say 'Hi' to Dwarf Planet


Discovery Station marks 25 years of 'intellect and curiosity' for all ages

Janet Ivey getting an award

Janet Ivey is a tireless advocate for children and has mentored countless young people all over the world. 

Student getting an award at astronaut academy

Brauntex space camp surprises a special astronaut academy graduate.


Science Gets Raw: Film Festival Celebrates Science Communication, Exploration, Giant Robots


Pluto’s ‘planet’ debate reignited by New Horizons flyby

Space Settlement 2021 Logo

EIN Presswire

Virtual conference highlights the human settlement of the solar system and STEM Activities for global youth

Photo of IBM engineer In an office

IBM engineer chases big dreams of space

Image by Simon Delalande

We Should Explore Mars So That Our Students Will Keep Dreaming Big.



9 Reasons Kids Think Pluto Should Be A Planet Again

Photo of Janet Ivey

Nanotechnology Now

Janet Ivey of Janet's Planet is NOW IN ORBIT as a member of the Board of Governors of the National Space Society


Fox News

Janet Ivey, Chris Carberry: Apollo XI Anniversary -- THIS is the even bolder step that must come now

Photo of the Mars Rover on Mar's surface

Why Persevere — to Mars? (Op-Ed)

We could all use some Perseverance right now.

Image by Planet Volumes

NPC Newsmaker: Becoming Martians: NASA's 25-year Plan for Humans to Inhabit the Red Planet


Cartoon picture of a child astronaut reading and flying through space

A Universe of Stories

Intergalactic Adventures with Janet Ivey, Solar System Space Ambassador

Calvary Kids Family Podcast

Calvary Kids

Dean and Janet Ivey are the Camus Pastors at Rivers in Durban, South Africa. Dean & Janet are passionate about creating a Godly culture in the home. 

276x0w (1).webp

Janet Ivey: Creator and CEO of Janet’s Planet & President of Explore Mars

The Astro Ben Podcast

In this episode, Ben has his own "Janet's Planet" experience and learns about Janet's strategies to connect with kids, the importance of science communication, and what it would mean to have a kid in space!

276x0w (2).webp

Humans to mars by the 2030s.

Hosted by Celestial Citizen 

On this week's episode, we’ll be talking all things Mars with two leaders from the Explore Mars organization.  We’ll also be discussing the upcoming Humans to Mars Summit, which is taking place in-person May 17-19th in Washington D.C.

SEDS Cast logo


SEDScast is a student-run podcast about space! We talk with industry professionals about a variety of space topics. The podcast is produced by Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS).



Hosted by Rod Pyle & Co Hosted by Geoffrey Notkin.

"Engaging more kids, especially girls and diverse populations, in science and engineering is critical. Janet Ivey, creator and host of the hit PBS show "Janet's Planet," has some ideas on how!"

The Nash Biz Podcast Logo

The Nash Biz Podcast Episode 12

By Nash Biz Podcast 

Hosted by Nashville-native Brady Morgan and his business partner, John Trusty, they seek to bring fresh and eye-opening conversations with successful business owners to the surface. Welcome to the show!

Screenshot of the Blue-Sky learning podcast page

Let's Go to Space: Blue Sky Learning Episode 6

Hosted by Blue Sky Learning

Today’s special guest is Janet Ivey, President of Explore Mars, Inc., and creator and CEO of the award winning Janet’s Planet. Ms. Ivey is committed to enriching the lives of children via education and live performances, TV, and online programming.

Casual Space Podcast photo

Casual Space

Beth Mund gets to travel “at the speed of thought” with the incredibly fun Janet Ivey, from Janet’s Planet! 


Always Searching On This Planet For Janet Ivey's MasterPeace Theater

Always Searching With Dr. Saralyn Mark

Janet Ivey, shares entertaining stories of growing up in the South to becoming the host of her popular television show, Janet's Planet. 

The Future Of Space Podcast Host Daniel fox and Janet Ivey having a video call

The Future of Space 

Hosted by Daniel Fox 

The Future of Space is your weekly dose of SPACE thinking, along with interviews of leaders, investors, innovators, educators, celebrities, movers, and shakers that are shaping the future of humankind into outer space.

Planetary Radio Logo

Why Mars? We've Got the Answers.

Hosted by Planetary Radio: Space Exploration, Astronomy and Science

The great adventure awaits! Mat Kaplan hosts an entertaining panel discussion at the 2018 Humans to Mars Summit in Washington DC.

Words from Parents


 "I wanted to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you are doing with the kids. Lucas looks forward so much to the daily lessons . He loves you and space and the interaction has been so good for him ."

Mom of Lucas

"What you are doing and providing for these kiddos is unparalleled in generosity and engagement.  Jack is a really tough kiddo to engage and he is SO excited for your class each and every day.  He even sets an alarm to make sure he has breakfast and isn't late."

Mom of Jack 

 "Lucia received her book she was so excited couldn't even wait to get in the house, opened it right at the mailbox! Thank you for all the hard work you put into these classes and the support that you provide to all of the kids."

Mom of Lucia

"Very clever production! The show has music, scientific graphics, and digital and live diverse characters that make it funny yet educational for the elementary-age audience. Audience participation brings a level of improv. As a parent I was expecting the planet content but the brainiac intro to the periodic table was a thoughtful and intelligent surprise. Congrats Janet's Planet. You are setting a new standard for live educational performance."

Lyn Franklin Hoyt 

"You make learning so much fun."

Hal Sandifer 

"Just wanted to thank you for what you do for these children. Jesse's homeroom teacher called to check in and he told her all about you and the academy...  Again Thank you. You have given him something to look forward to every day!"

 Mom of Jesse

"I am so grateful to you for the opportunities you have provided my kids, both in space camp in NJ this past summer and through your Online Astronaut Academy.  The value of learning through doing and hearing from one inspiring person after another cannot be quantified.  You and your speakers are clearly passionate about your fields, and that passion comes through in your presentations to and interaction with the kids.  It is impossible without the benefit of hindsight for these kids to fully realize the amazing opportunities they've been given through your programming. But it is wonderful to imagine how far they will all go with this early introduction to so many individuals who have realized their dreams.  It is heartwarming to see so many kids, like mine, happy and excited about learning. Thank you for being a part of their journeys."

Mom of Magge and Evy

"WATCH! But be prepared to be inspired and "awed "with her talk! Janet has been such a big influence in both of my kiddos lives-Sergei has a love of the arts and space, and Olivia has a passion for the arts (acting) and biology. To me,it's a no-brainer that the two would go together and looking back I wish I had had teachers to encourage me to be awesome in both together! Thanks Janet for being such an encourager!"

Ken Wright 

Words from People in Science

“Janet’s Planet is an awesome and fun way to learn about science and planets. And it’s not just for kids!”

Farnaz Ghadaki,

Canadian Space Agency, Management Consultant - Team Plan B at XPRIZE  

“Janet Ivey is a force of nature - and science.   Few people in this planet are as effective or passionate about inspiring students about STEM.”

Chris Carberry,

CEO, Explore Mars, Inc.

“Thanks to Janet’s Planet for the great work you are doing exciting young students and getting them ready for their future missions to Mars!”

Don Thomas

4 Time Space Shuttle Astronaut

“Janet is my ‘go to’ presenter for teacher trainings focused on the application of solid science in an innovative artistic wrapper!   She brings such a unique energy and enthusiasm that our teachers can’t help but get fired up,   Her inspiration leaves them ready to implement new ideas into their curriculum.   Her passion shines through and her amazing energy is contagious.   Janet is the smartest ball of energy and creativity I know!   Just give her a topic and her professionalism and depth of knowledge will wow you and your audience.   I highly recommend her and only wish I could be more like her!”

Tracey Tomme,

VP of Education, Cosmosphere, Hutchinson, KS

"Children on Earth are both blessed and delighted by   Janet's Planet.   For Twenty years Janet Ivey has inspired youth to   study and ponder the wonders of   Space. She will never know all the positive outcomes of her dedicated and innovative teaching."

Bob Krone,

President, Kepler Space Institute

"Janet has incredible energy and immense passion about sharing her knowledge of the planet with students. Her ability to take any topic and related it to students at their level is unparalleled. After a few minutes with Janet, students are inspired to make a difference through the choices they make. That can be said for all of us who have the distinct pleasure of knowing Janet and her work at Janet's Planet."

Sabari Raja,

CEO, Nepris, Inc. 

"Janet’s Planet is just AWESOME, and I love it from here to Pluto and back— hope you do too!”

Alan Stern,

Mission Principal Investigator,

NASA’s New Horizons Mission to Pluto

“What a grand journey you will take on Janet's Planet! Studying our solar system and the galaxy are the oldest and most ennobling of human activities. Janet's methods of presentation using unique verbal, visual, and even musical cognitive techniques will create an excitement among young viewers. It is nice to see an educational endeavor that makes learning about our amazing universe so much fun!”

Astronomer Dr. Billy Hix,

Professor of Social Science and Education, Motlow College. NASA Faculty Fellow

Words from Astronauts

“It is wonderful that Janet’s Planet incorporates all this important information about "Space" into a half hour song and dance program. Janet makes learning fun! I believe children will enjoy their experience on Janet's Planet.” 

 Dr Taylor G. Wang,

Centennial Professor and Director, Vanderbilt University. American Astronaut - Spacelab III. (On loan from Caltech to NASA, 5 June 1983 to 6 May 1985.) 

 "Thank you for all of the energy and creativity that you are putting into presenting the excitement of science and exploration to America's kids. Janet is a very special person to be so dedicated to this cause."

 Dr. Rick Chappell,

Director of the Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory 

“It's rare to find a work that simultaneously entertains and teaches, but Janet's Planet does both remarkably well. Who could resist learning about the solar system from Janet and her young crew? Song, dance, rap, jokes (that kids love), and clever, colorful graphics are skillfully interwoven to provide children and their parents interesting, easily understood lessons about the planets of our solar system. What a great way to learn about space and encourage our next generation of space scientists and astronauts!” 

Drew Gaffney,

MD Payload Specialist-Astronaut Spacelab Life Sciences 1 (STS-40)

Words from Teachers

“Absolute fantastic mix of media and live presentation - transitions smooth - informational content detailed and video graphics made you feel like you were actually there! Good audience participation - connected well with Janet and humorous crew. - Gold Star Presentation! NASA Watchout! Fascinating!  --    All Saints Catholic School  

"Captivating video really kept the students attention and interest! Interactive presentation was a nice technique to keep students engaged. Creative integration of Solar System via learning about creating a super computer by highlighting the resources found throughout space."  --    Roosevelt Elementary School – Kenosha  

“This should be in every elementary and middle school in the country. A great addition to any teacher’s space science curriculum!”  -- Jeannie Wall, 1st Grade Teacher   

"Janet, I wish that I could find a way to get you to come talk to our College freshmen. This is so inspiring, and so many of the kids these days don't question anything or think about anything. This is great! We want our kids in the College of Engineering to think, but many refuse that route. Too many have been discouraged from free and independent thinking in the current state of the K-12 education system. Plus, they won't come and ask questions! They think they have it all on Google."  --    Scott Southall  

Words from Kids

“I really love Janet Ivey because she cares about teaching girls like me to be healthy and strong and about good role models. Janet loves all kids and cares about helping them be the best they can be! She makes learning about everything super-fun! Janet's Planet ROCKS!”  -- Olivia, age 9, 3rd grade  

“Janet’s Planet is a really fun place to learn about space. I want to ride with her in her rocket!”  -- Alex, age 5, Kindergarten   

“Janet's Planet is the coolest place in space! I love Janet because she is fun, nice, and she makes me want to sing and dance! She also drives a cool space car and is always smiling!”  -- Sergei, age 6, Kindergarten  

“I love to dance and I love learning about all the planets!”  -- Bailey, age 7, 1st grade

Words about Janet's TEDX Talk

"Very well presented.........a dynamic presenter which a great big passion for the love of Science. Janet will get any child to love Science.....keep up the good work Janet Ivey Duesing"  -- Ranu Maraj  

"Love the idea of combining art and science to make learning more engaging! This is a brilliant concept from a brilliant woman. The future of education never looked so bright!"  -- Lawrence Uhling  

"Fantastic!!!!   I wish you had been my science teacher!!!   I hope your audience was teachers and administrators because I believe "AWE" is how you reach and inspire kids in any subject.   Please continue to spread that message and your "awe"-someness!!"  -- Ashley Woods  

"Janey Ivey is a dynamic speaker and hits the nail on the head in this one. Been following her for a while! Looking forward to more!!!!"  -- Brandon Hirsch  

"Janet, This is fabulous, inspiring and beautifully presented. Your radiant beauty both inside and out shine through. So happy for you!"  -- Janet McMahan  

"This should be obligatory in all schools all over the world! This is a fantastic approach yo education encompassing Science and the Arts and Fun! She is a wonderful teacher, totally inspiring and do full of energy that can't help but be energized by her. Wonderful!"  --    Conchita Quilt  

"All educators should watch this! Janet is very special to me and I am continually grateful that our paths crossed. She is a gifted speaker and an amazing person. Definitely worth watching!"  -- Sydney Price  

"YES! AWE inspiring for sure! Science and art can go hand in hand, and children can CREATE while having fun.   Educators and Parents, this is a must watch. Thank you for this Janet!"  -- Hether Crawford  

"Janet, I finally had time to sit down and watch your video. Saying you are an inspiration does not begin to cover what you generate in me - and I know you do in others. Your commitment to your passion is unmatched, and how you radiate love can only be contagious. This presentation is just the beginning - or continuation - of the upcoming snowball of wonders that you do and will continue to do. BIG FELICITACIONES MY FRIEND, The Loving, Lovable WAYSEER!!! I will now share on my page. Besos, Diana"  -- Dianna Holland  


"You are just as beautiful, creative, and inspiring as I believed you to be! That was a wonderful presentation on the symbiotic relationship between the arts and science!"  -- Michael Sickle  

"This is fantastic Janet! Wow! You are truly amazing! Such a dynamic, exciting, fun, interesting, clear, and inspiring presenter. Wow! The kids were great in your video - you inspire children and adults to love science. Thank you for sharing your charismatic personality and exuberance for our scientific universe!"  -- Jennifer Watson  

"AWE is right. Science and creativity can mix. And be fun. Thanks to Janet for this incredible talk."  -- Tim Mask  

"This was an amazing presentation!   Janet had so much passion and creativity in her approach.   I learned a lot!"  --    Hunter Perschbacher  

"That was AWEsome Aunty Janet. Hope to see you in Trinidad again soon."  -- Adrian Edwards  

"Janet, that was amazing! Your passion is inspiring and contagious. Great job honoring Mrs. Yarbrough. Keep up the fantastic work. You are creating our future by nurturing the youth of today."  -- Tim Hill  

"Bravo! Janet is brimming with a passion for educating our children. The combination of art, wonder, creativity + science = learning at it's finest! Janet Ivey is inspiring students and teachers and the learner in all of us. She is the STEAM Whisperer!"  -- Colleen Howard  

"This is such a brilliant way of approaching education. This incredible woman is overflowing with contagious passion and love. Our education system desperately needs this passionate and creative approach to transform it into a functional system that will promote innovation and change. Go Janet!!!"  -- Emily Tate  

"Breaking down the unfounded "Berlin Wall" between Left and Right brain, Outstanding!"  -- John Hussey  

"Janet, you are AWE-inspiring!!!   What an incredible, dynamic, interactive, passionate, beautiful, inspiring talk! I hope teachers around the globe take your message to heart and put it into practice.   If every kid had a teacher who inspired them and loved them like this think of the world that would create."  -- Holly Allen  

"EVERY parent, teacher and leader should watch this! This approach builds strong children who become amazing adults!!!! You are awesome Janet! Even though I know what to expect from you, I am in AWE! You truly are a gift to this world! Paving lasting change that will continue for many generations to come!!!"  -- Amy McAllister  

Live Show Reviews

"Absolute fantastic mix of media and live presentation - transitions smooth - informational content detailed and video graphics made you feel like you were actually there! Good audience participation - connected well with Janet and humorous crew. - Gold Star Presentation! NASA Watch out! Fascinating!"  --    All Saints Catholic School  

"Great interaction! Kids enjoyed the technology! Perfect in Length!"  --    Teacher, All Saints Catholic School - Kenosha, WI

"Captivating video really kept the students attention and interest! Interactive presentation was a nice technique to keep students engaged. Creative integration of Solar System via learning about creating a super computer by highlighting the resources found throughout space."  --    Teacher, Roosevelt Elementary School - Kenosha, WI

"Great facts presented in an awesome program."  --    All Saints Catholic School  

"The tri-screen enables everyone to see the program nicely from all angles. The show was fun and engaging at the same time. We learned a lot of important information."  --    All Saints Catholic School  

"This is a shout out to my sweet friend Janet Ivey to congratulate her on her fantastic live show for Janet's Planet! WHAT A BIG DEAL!!! Very clever production. The show has music, scientific graphics, digital and live diverse characters that make it funny yet educational for the elementary-age audience. Audience participation brings a level of improv. As a parent I was expecting the planet content but, the brainiac intro to the periodic table was a thoughtful and intelligent surprise. Congrats Janet's Planet. You are setting a new standard for live educational performance."  --    Lyn Franklin Hoyt

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