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2017 Eclipse

Janet successfully helped the city of Nashville, Adventure Science Center, the Italian Street Festival, First Tennessee Park and the city of Newberry, South Carolina plan their eclipse festivities. Janet was also tapped as the Eclipse Expert for News 2, the Nashville ABC Affiliate to create public service announcements and prepare the city and surrounding counties for all things Eclipse.

From garnering astronauts and astrophysicists to entertainment to logistics and eye safety, Janet found herself coordinating with TN State Parks, TN Highway Patrol, Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency and other state agencies,  Janet was feet on the ground and an army of knowledge, science and eclipse tips and helpful coordination of multiple teams of people.

As a NASA Solar System Ambassador, Janet was committed to the education of the public and making sure no one missed the epic eclipse of 2017. Janet's goal is to do the same for 2024 and again challenge everyone to LOOK UP and be amazed at the spectacular Cosmic Coincidence! Our sun is 400 x the diameter of our moon and 400 times further away from us! When you get this kind of crazy mathematical coincidence, it is a set up for something spectacular!

To hire Janet as your eclipse guide, guru, and consultant, give us a shout at

Let's make science something that is talked about, experienced and enjoyed!

Take a look at the video below to view an overview of all of Janet's activities in 2017 for the Great American Eclipse!

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